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  1. OK.. This thread is NOT about whether you find the term REDSKINS offensive or not.. Or whether the NFL team should or should not change it's name..

    This is thread is about,

    IF the team has to change it's name, what would be some of your suggestions?

    Here's a few to get started..

    Washington Cherries

    Potomac River Basin Indigenous Persons

    Washington Obamacares

    Washington Bullets

    Washington White House
  2. washington dishes
  3. Redshoes
  4. Washington Natives
  5. Washington Tanskins
  6. Washington Shut Down
  7. Washington Alcoholics
  8. Washington Failures
  9. Washington Smashingtons
  10. Washington Capitals

    (Sorry can't wait for hockey)
  11. Washington Gladiators
  12. Washington's smashing skins with your girl
  13. Elder just nailed it.  Washington Foreskins
  14. Washington foreskins!!
  15. 

    I am glad witty edgy humor is alive and well..
  16. Washington Skinovers
  17. Damn I was to late to post the obvious one
  18. I think elder won the thread...

    /lock :lol: