Midyear NFL Awards!

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  1. Honestly, I think the rankings right now are:

    1. Packers
    2. Broncos
    3. Patriots
    4. Cardinals

    But after that, I see a major drop off in talent
  2. Maybe you should look at some power rankings from analysts on the interwebz... Your list seems bias in some sense.
  3. Mostly accurate. Go browns!
  4. Agreed, the Broncos are on the down. They aren't ranked higher than the patriots even on the NFL power rankings page.
  5. Denver is over-rated n Arizona under rated
  6. If the texans could get an alright offense they could be pretty good... Just sayin lol
  7. But I disagree with the Denver comment. They've had an easy schedule. And besides didn't they lose to the teams the other day? (Didn't get to finish watching it)
  8. Kansas City on the way up if we can get our wr in the end zone. And our defense well I don't need to say what we did to the pats. No I'm not saying we are a top team yet but we coming.
  9. Best team of the NFL this year would be the Jets, they have so much talent
  10. Tough year for the panther nation hopefully we. Can bounce back next season
  11. :lol:
  12. I want to give this award out where the winners will be:

    1-Punched by the Klitschko Brothers
    2-Hit with a switch.. In the balls
    3-Bit by dobermans
    4-Get shot

    I urge all the fans of NFL to pressure in any way you can to help stop abuses by their players.. My suggestion, one charge (doesn't have to be convicted), and terminate their contracts and ban them for life