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  1. Mid-season NFL Awards!

    Let's give out some awards to the standouts of the year in the NFL so far! *NOTE* All statistics are BEFORE week 11. I know it's past the Midyear, just deal!

    Best Team

    - Denver Broncos
    - Arizona Cardinals
    - New England Patriots
    - Green Bay Packers


    Denver Broncos!

    In my opinion, they are the best overall team in the league. They lead the league in rushing yards given up (603), 4th in the league in total yards given up (2827), 5th in the league in total offensive yards (3732), and 3rd in the league in passing yards (2861). They're offense has tons of weapons. Julius Thomas and Demaryus Thomas are elite offensive players. Peyton Manning is well, Peyton Manning. Their defense is playing their part too. Best team in the NFL so far, despite not having the best record.

    League MVP


    - Peyton Manning
    - JJ Watt
    - Demarco Murray
    - Andrew Luck
    - Antonio Brown


    Demarco Murray

    Murray is carrying his team on his back. He is leading the league in rushing yards (1233) and tied for 2nd in the league with 7 rushing TDs. He has led his Cowboys to a 7-3 record. He broke Jim Brown's record of most 100 yard rushing games to begin a season in a row with 7. He is having the year of his career. Plus, QBs get this reward all too often.

    Surprise Team


    - Cleveland Browns
    - Philadelphia Eagles
    - Dallas Cowboys


    Cleveland Browns

    I think we can all agree that the Browns are the surprise of the year so far. The last time they made the playoffs was 2002 and they are in great position to make it this year. They have not had a winning season since 2007. But this year with Brian Howyer, they've been playing great. They have a 3 headed running back monster in West-Tate-Crowell. Their defense is playing very well and they are getting Josh Gordon back very soon. They've put themselves in great shape to make the playoffs.

    Most Disappointing Team


    - Chicago Bears
    - San Fransisco 49ers
    - The entire NFC South


    The entire NFC South!

    Everyone in the NFC South is playing terribly. It is like they are competing to see who can lose the division. Nobody is over .500. The Saints have had a disappointing year. They are amazing at home, but cannot win on the road. The Falcons are playing terribly as well. They have next to no running game (tied for 25th in the league in rushing yards) and their defense isn't stepping up either. The Bucs are well, the Bucs. And then we have the Panthers. I'm sorry to everyone that has Cam Newton on their fantasy team, including myself. The offense line can't stop a fly. Cam likes throwing interceptions. They're all so god awful this year.

    Rookie WR of the Year


    - Kelvin Benjamin
    - Brandin Cooks
    - Odell Beckham Jr.
    - Sammy Watkins
    - Mike Evans


    Sammy Watkins

    This vote has overtaken the rookie of the year vote. This rookie WR class is amazing. All of the names above are making names for themselves. This was a difficult choice. He is 15th in the league in receiving yards (Benjamin is 13th). Buffalo is playing well, and he is improving game by game. I chose him over the others because of the impact he has had on his team. He has turned into a number 1 WR option.

    Comeback Player


    - Golden Tate
    - Carson Palmer
    - Emmanuel Sanders
    - Terrence West
    - Steve Smith


    Golden Tate

    Although they are all great stories, I believe that Tate has done the best job so far. He was forced to take the leading role when Megatron, and he did so well. Detroit has been a surprise so far at 7-2 and are leading the NFC North. The others have all played very well, but he is my choice as comeback story of the year so far.

    Defensive Player of the Year


    - Joe Hadyn
    - Elvis Dumervil
    - JJ Watt
    - Brent Grimes


    JJ Watt

    Shocker right? I think we can all agree that Watt has been the defensive player of the year so far. He has 8.5 sacks, an interception, and 39 tackles. Oh, and he has 2 receiving touchdowns. This guy is a man-child. He's strong, quick, and knows football.

    Well, that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed reading. Agree with my picks? Also,

    Super Bowl: Patriots 38 Packers 30

    What's your Super Bowl prediction?
  2. -Reserved-
  3. Broncos 27 - Eagles 34
  4. Super Bowl: Chargers 247 Packers 0
  5. New England Patriots 24 vs Arizona cardinals 17
  6. How is Denver best team, they're losing to rams 7-19, Cardinals,browns, or patriots are best team
  7. I'm just sticking to what I thought at the beginning of the season

  8. That doesn't mean much I don't think. They still have the best overall team
  9. Why the Broncos? For starters, the only team in the AFC to compete with them for the best team in the AFC beat them two sundays ago. Also, they dont even have the best record. If you look at the Broncos schedule you will have noticed they have had a pretty easy schedule too... No wonder they're 7-2.

    Most of these picks are pretty good IMO except that one, I was very uncomfy with.

    My superbowl pick will stand from the beginning of the season.

    Pats beat the Saints 35-24. I believe the Saints will make playoffs, even if its by a hair, just because their entire division sucks. They will shine in the Playoffs and go to the SB to lose. Just my prediction. The road to getting there is different than I first pictured it for the Saints, but they'll make it to lose,

    If the Pats dont make it to the superbowl or at least dont lose by a last second score in the AFC championship I'd be 100% shocked.
  10. Tell this to the Pats.
    Oh wait, the Pats already beat them...
  11. I guess that people are only NFL fans when Moose makes a thread...
  12. What about Martavis Bryant as rookie of the year?
  13. I actually forgot about him, he's been amazing as well And even Jordan Mathews on the Eagles
  14. shadow, can you guess for me?
    im a noob on this topic ._."
  15. For defensive player of the year u forgot the defensive player of the year from last year  Luke kheuchly and neocons are not the best team in nfl it's the patriots. U say Broncos defense is good then u obviously didn't watch football. They lost to patriot and the Ramspatriots I can tell why Cuz they got Tom Brady and Rob the beast but to the Rams and I agree with slayerbob Broncos Have the easiest schedule in nfl. They only had to play 2-3 good team so far and that was sea hawks( who are not doing good this season) the Patriots and the cardinals. So concluding to that PATRIOTS BEST TEAM IN NFL. For surprising team I go with steelers and the Browns. Most disappointing team agree with u NFL south. Panthers my favorite team but they disappointing me. Best rookie I say kelvin Benjamin because he has most td and is the only good wide receiver in Panthers.MVP goes to Tom Brady because he is the best quarterback.

    Final Patriots 35 - Packers- 31
  16. Recently Mike Evans has been playing amazingly since before he was playing with an injury.
  17. The Eagles are a surprise team?? Lol
  18. They've only recently come surprising, had a average start to the season, but Sanchez is pulling it together since taking over.

    Best team so far in the season is have to say that the Broncos are not, they had a hard challenge game against the patriots and got blown out.

    I would have to say team of the season so far would be the patriots, their average winning margin is better than most, and the average losing margin is lower than most.

    I agree with the midseason MVP Murray is clearly carrying those Cowboys to victory.

    Biggest disappointment I couldn't call an entire division I would say the Bears. They've got a decent roster, but are getting blown out big time.

    Super bowl I'm calling patriots v greenbay with patriots winning 27-24