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  1. I got perm muted for talking about my theories of what the devs do with lb players. Good Game Kaw u won, I quit.Hope u all burn in hell, cept for those that I like . First few to read this can try and take my ancestral possession seems I won't need it

    In response : That most the lb players are dev accounts, forcing other lb players to buy xstals,seals wth ever. I'm sure they are, they just greedy bastards with the hte, now songbook lol.. 6$ for 40min stress relief in pvp event. I also garuntee that the Pvp event lb are loaded as well, forcing others to buy seals xstals ect for the "free event"
  2. No1curr
  3. What's your theory?
  4. Stop the drama kiddo, eagle is comming and will burn your thread to hell.
  5. ...am I part of the ones you like❓
  6. Get outta here really.. Is this. All u got. To do with ur life?
  7. You have no life.
  8. Bye cya tomorrow
  9. Both. Y'all. Funny. Not getting the point I'm trying to make. And yall can both s  d.
  10. A Conspiracy Theory....
  11. Eagle buddy how are you?
  12. Yall as well. I got enough to go around
  13. Why don't you just don't buy?
    I've got xtals in quests and now I had 23
    I've got seal as a random drop.

    Why do people need those stuff? There are a lot of ways to play kaw without buying the in-purchases and don't protest just because you can't have more.

    You can still live without those items you know.
  14. Complaining about a silence is actually an forum violation, this is just a warning.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.