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  1. Ok so most of you are probably thinking 'who is this guy?' Wouldn't blame you, I haven't been active for a while, and haven't been active on the forums for an even longer while.

    Was just popping on to kaw to say hi and see if anyone has remained and also to see what the forums are like these days.

    Looks like they've had a revamp which was long overdue.

    Anyway that's all I had to say so if you remember me say hi. If you're a troll then troll away, but remember... you can't live under that bridge forever. Life lesson folks.

    Yeah see ya
  2. Icu 
  3. Heyyy Benny bro. How you been?
  4. Ur only 3.7 mil cs, why would u retire ur a noob
  5. The remember you cause when i read your name i wanted to try this so called burger pie!

    So i got an online recipe and did it

    It tasted quite fine.

  6. You have 500k CS?
  7. You lose your wings?
  8. Yeah man a long time ago. I moved on. Plus wingless dissolved by the looks of it
  9. I don't remember you. But, hi. ;) ;) ;)
  10. No, we must kill the burger pie before it starts spurning more burger pies, kaw almost died due to the up rising of wingless burger pies, we can not let this happen against all costs.

    I'm only joking, I'm helping the wingless burger pies take over the world :evil:
  11. I remember you for that cute drawing of the Burger pie :lol:
  12. Oh God... why...

  13. You might remember me from way back when...I was known as wingless_the_deuce....but I've had some changes myself.
  14. Today, he is now WillyTheDeuce!
  15. I will see you ;)
  16.  ok...
  17. Hiya Tom. My favorite man from WiG. :)