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  1. Recently, me and many members have been scammed/disappointed/banned for unfair reasons and I am making this forum to gain support in the osw I will soon be undertaking with gold haven. If you would like to help in this history making osw then just comment yes or follow me and we will take down gold haven TOGETHER!!!! JOIN ME BRETHREN!!!!
  2. Weren't you trying to pick a fight at the "Foxes" yesterday?
  3. I never knew hitting a large eb clan was a historical war.
  4. You're like, 1m cs, what are you going to do? spam follow them to annoy them?
  6. Kaw these days you know 
  7. Rip
  8. Thanks op, I needed a good chuckle
  9. So you will go to war with them with no towers and 1.5 mil spy atk/def?
  10. Sigh, he uses the word scam. I doubt he knows what it means, earlier this week he arrived 10 mins late to an eb if not longer. As stated on clan page after 10 mins items are FFA so his pots were called FFA. He was upset about this and decided to remove the clan page and start a big argument in our CC. If that's scamming, well I guess we scammed.
  11. Can you even hit anyone in gold haven? 
  12. So childish lol
  13. As of now there has only been one member that got banned from Gold Haven and the only player is you -Mal
  14. I'm not so sure about history making
  15. How's getting rid of Gold Haven going? Seems they're still doing well
  16. Yes, follow back bro
  17. Venom weren't you the one who repeadetly farmed innocent people in your clan for no reason?