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  1. Apparently you cared enough to hit me and get your buddy D4rK to help you with the heavy lifting. Than after paddling your butt my news feed remains empty.

    I have to answer to who? Lmao
    Go ask bob dole over at kofte illuminati who spooky answers to than come back and visit me again.
  2. Ops was about to get eagled. Then op eagled eagle :lol:
  3. Relevant? Lol

    The only relevance here is dark was in my news and a paddled him back. Just love how females need to insert them self into things that clearly have nothing to do with them. Probably where the name attention ***** comes from.
  4. i hit you like 3 times? 
  5. Dear Filthy_Maggot,

    I have just read your thread, and I agreed with all of your words! And I would like to thank you for finally showing out your past feelings about me about being annoyed and all that, for that is a brave attempt! Of course, I'm sure you will feel better telling it out rather than continue holding it in!

    I am very happy if I did managed to save someone's life, and I believe it's great to always find people who are in their darkest stage of their lives and reach our arms to them to talk them out from suicide! It will help greatly, for they wouldn't feel alone and press on! They might even have a dream to fulfil and that's even more important within a human being!

    I have been stripped once, just once before on
    14 May 2015, and I understand all the hate that I'm getting! However, all that will eventually become nothing to me in seconds! It's extremely easy for me to wash away those negative thoughts coming in and out so you do not need to worry!

    I have been dedicated back threads twice before! This is now the third one to me, and I will save this link of thread to remember your good kind words to me! No kindness is too small with low effort, as long as the person you dedicate to understands your entire message!

    Also, one more thing....

    I wish you good luck on that! We both have different personalities and that makes us have our own ladders in our life! May your next thread go super-well!

    Lastly, I hope I am not too late to reply to your thank you thread to me!


  6. Down to 1 clan at least try to keep up with the propaganda of your clannies..I know it's hard by all the fast changes of it
    Oh and about "Break for a week" - thx for the confirmation how lies always will be caught...or you just confused with a timeline...again(?!)

    At least we agree with the OP - Sean go on spreading happiness around kaw
  7. I'll respond to BallE first, than to sean.

    BallE, some of my crannies say down to 1 clan because the clan You Ask For It is a horse with 1 leg. It has deteriorated itself into a meek shadow of itself and is basically dead.

    Though since I was in such a positive mood yesterday, as I am in one today, I did not add it to the dead list because it still has a few active players and alts that reside there.

    You call all of it propaganda when it is simply perspective. It is, more or less, a dead clan that has been whittled down into a non-factor.

    It's golden because now all that really remains of Yafi, for the most part, is the Los Refugees.

    To the op part, yes, sean is an awesome cat.
  8. To sean893:

    Think you took my opening a bit more serious. It was a build up for the twist in the actual thank you post.

    I am glad that you liked the op mate. Keep on smiling and spreading happiness mate. You're awesome.
  9. Did you ask Sean if he preferred to have his ass smacked?
  10. Thats not even close to what op is saying. Because of him being a good person he may have indirectly prevented suicide and etc. Also kaw has a great community and can probably help u out with that as long as u dont scream it in wc
  11. I didn't even know dark was hitting you until you said anything and you're just showing how big of an ass you are. Also, I was saying that you'll have to compete with kotfe for hits on me, not that you have to listen to them lol. Maybe try learning how to read then start talking on forums.
  12. It's sad.

    We can't have anything nice on forums without an idiot with an inflated ego and stupid opinion coming in and pissing all over it.
  13. HappY weekend sean an All - really nice thread...
  14. Um..was amyone else expecting a big rant that wasnt put under Spell and Check?

  15. *whisper*
    Deez nutz
  16. what's up?
  17. deez nuts wth lol
  19. Maggot, you're a sweetheart!!!

    Sean, you rock 
  20. Oh yay!

    Yeah! Eagle got counter-eagled at this one!
    Ahahahahaha! :D