Punday Sunday

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  1. Maybeh
  2. Wowow bro... You better start Stalin...

    Stop Russian ahead.
  3. Think you're funny, Putin that pun there?
  4. Marx my words, puns will be the death of us all.
  5. :lol:
  6. When Peter Pan punches, they Neverland.
  7. Pmsl love my puns :lol:

    These puns are ezreal as it gets

    Little League of Legends pun for any LoLers ;p
  8. I work for a company who promotes renewable energy (as a business of course) and I posted that big fan image to our Twitter page. Funny stuff.
    I seen most of these puns before, I love puns. They're so punny.
    I should now shoot myself for that.
  9. Why do cows have hooves?

    Because they lack toes
  10. Made my day.
  11. Simply: I died :lol: :roll:
  12. *ponders about a possible Punday Monday*
  13. Actual magazine article:

    "In the role of Jame T. Kirk, William Shatner finally found something he could cling on to. "
  14. You know what you can also do on Sunday's?

  15. I cried so hard 