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  1. [​IMG]

    Ima just leave this here.
  2. Lel wait wut
  3. That's really fast although this could have just been posted on my thread here Although this was a blitz it further proves just how easy it is now to knock out fast times on the top ebs.
  4. Yet fail HTE..
  5. Not sure y'all realize this but that's the fastest LOTL ever. E V E R.

    Facebook was the partner clan for this and broke Sucker Punches record for asof.
  6. Kaw logic finish LoTL in 9mins fail HTE in 6Hours
  7. It's HTE train clan, hence why the eb was failed - train was finished.

  8. Perhaps they started and then forfeited so they could start LOTL??
  10. Due to events,lb people are doing lotl/asof trains, so those ebs are ending fast
  11. Pls delete all tiers except tier 1

    Pls grant


  12. That's easy. I could complete that by myself
  13. What are ebs?