Have monster alliances killed major OSW

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Waterr, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. @iSurvive

    KaW means too much to ata. They'll add in dumbee allies(fake ones) at all sorts of prices. They'll be npcs that players can hire.
  2. Hmmmmm. Maybe this thread was wrong. A little bird whispered that sicniss clan hitting CR ATM.

    Where's that noob phil
  3. What is this osw you all speak of? And where do i find one?
  4. ZAFT has at LEAST 20-30 clans including subs.
  5. The problem with FC is that it needs some serious game reform. It needs to strip away it's dark green-black colours and take on a new, challenging approach to the game.
  6. I think all the other alliances have maybe come together after seeing zaft... Dont blame them :lol:
  7. Better make an osw thread before phil does guys 
  8. Thing about SICnISS our alliance will not get involved unless others do. We just want a friendly 1v1 !!! SiCnISS 
  9. Doesn't the war with cr go back to just sicnoc though?
  10. seen the clan im in or clan page 
  11. I don't think these large alliances were chosen as much as they are a result of the Kaw landscape, once one large alliance takes root, won't name who first might have been, others have no choice but attempt to Band together as a deterrent. Not because their scared but because they would never stand a chance. It's not protection, it's a small bit of salvation. Personally I think being in the biggest, strongest clan and alliance would get dreadfully boring.
  12. So you guys merged and started with cr again?
  13. Anyway back on topic
    I think they have ruined osw war to a degree. The result is it turns into massive wars instead of a clan v clan.
    I also think having multiple large alliances helps keep others in check
  14. @Corsair, osw war? Osw= Off System War War...
  15. Are you saying you would like to osw war war me? Having a hard time reading through the redundancy
  16. I think that huge alliances are just an example of what a successful clan is. For example ZAFT can take a noob and turn them into an awesome player, whereas new clans usually have one or two people training and the noobs just quit kaw.
  17. Hey sportspro, how about you contribute to topic or go find some eb fairy thread to post on chump. dont need to be an idiot.
  18. Too many softies connected to their interweb gold, lack the stones to attack these bunch because they get jumped hard and only see things on a smaller scale. Take a step back and look at a situation, sometimes putting your head down and charging in Rambo is the only way to go..

  19. Si vis pacem, para bellum...

    All that can really be said.
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