You Can Stump The Trump?!?!

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  1. What if I told you there was a way to stump the Trump?

    Well maybe you should doubt it.

    However this is my thread and I can do as I damn well please, Mr. Trump.

    You have now entered an alternate universe.
    Identical to ours in almost every way...almost.

    In this universe every player of KaW has access to Donald Trump who is being held in Guantanamo Bay.

    You can do whatever you like to him. He has no human rights.

    So, what would you do to him? (You have unlimited resources)

    "I have a feeling my dancing days are over."

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    I'll make him a democrat candidate so Hillary can smash him already. Why wait until autumn?
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    I'd get a bunch of Mexicans to tear him limb to limb, while he is watching. Until there's just his head and body, of which id roll down a large Rocky Mountain.
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    Free him than build a wall around the Island. Deport all the prisoners and make the prison great again.
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    I chuckled.
  6. Did you honestly think you could stump the trump?

    You are nothing to donald, but just another shill to make fun of. He will stump you with precision of which the likes never seen before on this earth.

    Only if you had known the kind of retribution attempting to stump the trump would bring down upon yourself, maybe you would have thought twice. But you couldn't, you didn't. And now you will pay the price, as the foolish guacamole bowl merchant you are!

    Build a wall. Make America great again.
    You can't stump the trump.

    #Trump2k16 #Trump4Prez #BuildAWall #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    (yes, i know i used this before pipebomb.)

    But what would i do to trump? I'll free him from his bounds than hand him a coat i made from the skin of his enemies, whom i skinned alive *moonface*
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    Correct ten points to you
  8. Id set him free and use my unlimited resources to make him president to save us from the libtards ruining our great nation
  9. You know how you stop trump?...the mesia stops giving him coverage and provoking hos followers. Its so simple i cant believe they dont realize it. The more they bash and attack trump the higher his poll #'s go. If they ignored him and let the story die he might have actually lost at convention. Instead we have romney acting like a fool and kasich pretending hes even in this race...forget that by current convention bylaws hes not even eligible to be nominated at the convention ( you have to win at least 13 states) hes won 1...his home state and wont take any others...even cruz prob wont take 13 states before its all said and done. Not to mention by going against the voters will they will be handing the keys to the white house to hillary. Rip Republican party. You did this to yourself.
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    You do realize if given the chance trump will destroy hillary head to head...cruz/kasich on the other hand no chance....nominate paul ryan at convention or mitt romney and watch hillary win by a landslide
  11. Well I would 1st cut him 100 times while he was alive. Let him starve for 4days and then bathe him in acid. Ty  stump the trump
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    As if.....

    Dems have bill ayers the domestic terrorist to protest. I wonder how many people he will blow up this time.
    I cant remember where you are from....not from America I'm guessing. Americans like myself don't really give a crap about your opinions.
    Thanks for playing.
  13. Just goes to show, leftist are psychos and some of the most violent people on the planet, I'm sure your corporate masters are gonna treat you great.it makes tons of sense that the US has less than 5% of the world's population and almost 25% of it's inmates,socialism at it's best. Besides why would you want to work hard and bust your ass to do better for yourself? Just steal it from the people that do, makes perfect sense. Your career politicians definitely have your best interest at heart, especially when there cashing there lobbyist checks and doing what they say. Just don't forget at the end of the day the right wing has the guns, so keep on poking the bear, let's see how this works out for ya.
  14. I'd make him listen to a continuously looping soundtrack of Hillary Clinton's campaign speeches, with that raspy, catty, old lady voice of hers
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    Nice! 
  16. Well...Donald doesn't rly want to be a president, he just wants to embarrase Hillary
  17. I'd let him go.
  18. I would take a knife and cut off those smart ass lips
  19. Rip Pipe