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  1. I don't understand why so many people are crying about the PVP promo... Best yet in my mind. Quit whining it's A WAR GAME. Eb fairies shud be getting hammeredjs. Suck it up guys and fight back is all ... The farming for shards is soon to be over. GL all who are hitting for shards.  Pod , u have truly done well in osw very proud owner am I.
  2. I opted out. Reason being is my BFA and BFE sucks.
  3. Only part I don't like is the self pinning noobs.
  4. There are so many "I love the promo, and I hate the promo" threads, stop spamming us with this junk and go post it on the promo thread, more people would probably read your post there.
  5. No spam I hardly ever post ... I'll post where I like tho thx... Happy kawing .
  6. I love breasts. 
  7. I'm gonna second that frog :) Oh and a big shout out to LR <3
  8. Wasn't hit squad well known for being fierce and disciplined old school system warrers?
  9. PvP ️PoD️