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  1. It was just, banter.
  2. Doggie sounds like a sissy like sluard.
  3. Sluard wasn't a sissy. He was just trapped in a glass box of emotion.

  4. Beimer you gonna cry like a sissy if I reset on you?
  5. FC sounds a bit quiet. And boring.
  6. Yep, it pretty much was towards the end.
  7.  Anchorman quote... I saw an anchorman quote!! 

    Topic of discussion:

    The best sandwich filler...?

    I'm currently a huge fan of cheese and coleslaw :D

  8. Babies - the other other white meat
  9. Very true, really disappointed in the devs for it! Even the stuff we got in that package was ****
  10. Chicken and bacon. Trust me potter
  11. The issue with chicken and bacon is that it can be quite dry when you make it at home ;)

    I can't say I've had babies... Only baby sheep, that's good in a sandwich!
  12. I like an egg in a burger tbh potter
  13. Well my friend hazzy. Welcome to kaw. This thread is awful and to tell the Truth I hate reading threads like this. so I've decided to start farming people who make awful threads like this. I know I won't be able to clean forums up fully but I'm taking it one step at a time. You are now in a 1v1 with me don't cry it make it worst.

    Cf terms lock this thread and make a good apology forum. Don't take it personal.
  14. It can't really be called a hideout if it's in a public forum........just saying
  15. This is xactly the same thread as in FC
    In FC it has over 500 pages i believe
  16. Well this ain't FC in kaw we keep a higher standard in forums. So jazzy ignoring me won't help I know your on.
  17. Sounds like Vane wants to be farmed and I see nothing wrong with this thread :8:
  18. It was an iconic thread in FC. I'm glad to see some things live on into kaw.
  19. U guys still know me from fc?
    Same name..
  20. @birmer forum here have been dropping in quality a lot. I'm sorry but this forum forum was. Just a lack of effort op could have made a way better version. But didn't so I will keep it a 1v1 with op till he agree to his cf terms then I will move on to the next. If anybody feel like they have to get into this 1v1 action will have to be taken. Like I said before this is nothing personal