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  1. Its been a while ladies and gents 
  2. It's been awhile hasn't it?
  3. Does this count as a necro bump. I haven’t logged on in 8 months lmao. Been playing competitive esports, and that’s pretty much consumed the entirety of my time.

    My steam name is Hazzernator Bois, I’m easier to find there haha.

    **** knows when I’ll next log in? Maybe 2018. Hoping that all the boys get active and look for this thread again. I used to like coming back and reading all the replies.

    Hold tight shady

    Hold tight Daph

    Stay safe my dudes :)

    Love you all x
  4. Did someone say my name?

    You usually have to say it 3 times in the mirror first before I appear, but my ears were burning
  5. Let’s hope you revisit before 2018 Hazz.

    Much like you, I decided to take an extended break from KAW, maybe 1 year until some idiots decided to wake the bear and fail strip me. I was online in like 90 seconds (still had push notifications on, thanks KAW lol) and have been active ever since cleaning out 2 enemy clans in past month as punishment for disturbing my hibernation.

    Let’s see, I’ve spent the entire year traveling the county, camping, seeing all the wonderful sites and nature out there. I gotta say, turning off the idevice army and television was great.

    Admittedly, I miss everyone, and have to say, there is no replacement for the connections we make with each other in KAW. To be completely honest I feel like a total noob again, all these new features are confusing; new lands, events, EBs. So for the foreseeable future it’s back to the basics - Strip, Strip, Strip - I think we would all agree, it was my favorite part of these games and well, it’s what I know and am good at.

    Plans for the Holidays, typical Family Time - and if we don’t get a chance to touch base, I wish all Hazzy Friends and Family on this thread the very best this Holiday Season.

    I hope everyone else is doing well. Yes, even you Slayer lol

    I’m already in GoT withdrawal and I gotta say my Fall line up of television shows is quite full - and extra bonus points to Larry David making a return, I have thoroughly been enjoying the new season of Curb your Enthusiasm.

    Shout out to all the others.

  6. 1) Put the $ in the Bank and let the Interest Payments Service Fixed Costs (I joke that if you win the Lottery, and put $8-10 million in the Bank, you can live off a 6 figure salary from the interest forever)

    If I had a million just to blow of whatever?
    1) Buy an RV and like 12 Monthly Spots Across the County, so I can rotate my landscape every 30 days
    2) Hire a Dog Walker & Person to run my regular errands - Running silly errands and daily chores interrupts my inherent laziness
    3) Gotta say....the Zombie Bunker idea is not a bad idea! But, probably just get a Boat like the guy on Fear of Walking Dead and stay off the mainland until the Apocalypse ends....would need to perfect my fishing skills though
  7. This season of Mr Robot better than the last, still enjoy watching it for some reason though - it’s just weird enough to keep me engaged
  8. News flash - 3 years now I suppose 
  9. I’m like 10 days from my 8 year badge on my original account, from my iOS 2 device 

    Honestly it’s amazing we thought that brick of a phone was the latest and greatest, how far these devices have come in past 8 years.

    Makes you wonder what our devices will look like in the next 8 years
  10. Suggestions on TV shows now that college football is ending and NFL wrapping up, plus we have to wait till 2019 for GoT....
  11. HAZZ!! 
  12. Hello everyone!

    After a 6-month hiatus, I finally decided to return to Kingdoms At War since yesterday!

    I had however, forgotten almost every single memories I had within this game and I honestly feel as if I'm totally new to this game again!

    Yesterday, a player in this game taught me in theory on how to attack epic battles, build stronger buildings and....Charm/Furnishing something? Oh yes, and how to use the Battle Button!

    If there's anyone who remembers me, I hope you can kindly refresh my memory of something we had did together in Kingdoms At War before my hiatus! :D

    Turns out I really need to learn the theory of forums...Too!
  13. a valiant knight just necro bumped a thread 
  14. Err...What is necro-bump?
  15. This is hardly a necro bumped thread, have you looked at the activity in this forum thread?

    Hey all you FC’ers and old school KAW peeps - hope your summer is treating you well, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve done this summer? Any vaca’s worth noting? Babies or marriages....seems like we haven’t touched base in a while.....hope all is well with you, drop a line if you have time to catch us up
  16. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well I’ve yet to unravel why my former arch nemesis turned good friend Daphnia just up and left.

    Otherwise, I’m great. Got a baseball scholarship by a D2 University about 30 minutes south of where I live which is pretty cool! Otherwise, not a whole lot has been going on.

    How’s thing with you, Shady?
  17. Good, enjoying the summer. Learned to sail, been traveling the country, taking it easy and enjoying life - so basically business as usual over here. Good to see you Nate and yeah, we should find out what happened to Daph
  18. Boys, sorry for no response, it’s been almost a year 

    Loads new

    Going uni again in September (like 2 weeks lol)
    New girlfriend

    What happened to Daph?

    I’ve forgotten all the drama from F.C.
  19. Daph just up and left man

  20. Me playing Memory Card games right now! I have just found a website that intrigues my eyes and mind to try out something new!


    Also, hello Choccy's country of Norway!! I can now memorize the new flag!