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  1. I actually watched... Erago... a certain low budget terrible movie with a dragon that I cannot name because the movie was so... ugh.
  2. You got 1million dollar cash... Name first 3 what you gonna do?
  3. 1: Buy house
    2: Buy everything I want
    3: Cry because I spent all my money and have to sell the house
  4. I can't think of anything worse than buying a house and being tied in one spot.

    How did everyone go with the first ep of The Walking Dead? Gotta say, I am pretty over the series itself. It has just gone on too long, and it is becoming less zombie-focused. Now its all about people and their politics and their stupid decisions. I am sure some people watch for the dystopian American gangland factor alone, but that just ain't my jam.

    Also, Moody and I are working on a new thread. A seal for anyone who can guess the topic... bcos I am bored and never use them.
  5. Can I win!?
  6. The topic is Snoopy.

    I am officially ending my TWD watching career. Glen was my favorite, and of course they kill him for no reason whatsoever. Plus, I agree, the show is less on zombies and more on plot, which is good I guess, but eh I prefer brains exploding then eyes popping out.
  7. 1: buy rv and wander country
    2:buy land for super secret survival bunker(zombie proof of course)
    3:donate what ever is left to homeless shelter.
  8. No Moody!

    Yeah the whole Glen scene was aimed to hurt, I think. Goobly eyes and bubble talk. Blah, boring. No more for me.

    You got 1million dollar cash... Name first 3 what you gonna do?
    1) Buy a tickets
    2) See everywhere
    3) Come home
  9. Could someone please suggest whether it is worth spending 25 Nobility Points to open an Elrengoth's Coffer that I have?

    According to some players, it dropped 6/9/12 seeds of Samhain, and some got 35 Aevum Circle piece from it. I'm still not sure if it's worth spending to open this thing, I need more info to be sure!
  10. Here is a full list of drops from Gregory himself :)

    Personally I think all the drops are worth it however it depends on what you are wanting. You always get more value by opening the coffers but you lose on what you get.
  11. I would never spend 25 nobs, unless I had to change my name.

    Real money for pretend things isnt the best deal.
  12. I spent 25 Nobility Points to open a coffer, and got 15 Seeds of Samhain! Spent 25 to get back items worth 75 nobs, it's a sweet trade! I can't deny, but it's worth spending!
  13. Haven't spent in like 74 years. Yes I'm a 116 year old man who has been a basement dweller for a long time..
  14. Where is everyone ? I hope you all have a merry Christmas do you think the new law log in screen looks like shady ?
  15. Kaw log in screen ? Shady is the champion of justice and the American
  16. Hey guys,

    Can't believe it's been like 4 months since I last checked lol.

    What's with this new app? Just went to log in and got told to use it lol.

    Anyway I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year. New Star Wars anthology film was v dece not gonna lie.

    Can someone explain to me this new update, and if they themselves like any changes? Because I haven't logged on in a long time lol

    Btw thoughts on trump ;)?
  17. I have thoughts. 'To not think is to be counted among the dead,' or so I hear. However, I generally don't display those thoughts to the public when it comes to controversy outside of the game. Some people have the Code and the Measure. I just have the Balance.

    I'm not certain what's happened in the last 4 months as far as major updates (A Major Award!? GIF from A Christmas Story needs to be a thing here) are concerned. I've been popping in and out, but missed the trumpets and fanfare it seems. I'm highly certain I'm forgetting something though. It happens when 3 of your 4 great-level relatives have died of Alzheimer's, no? ;-)
  18. Hmmm. As far as major updates the only thing i can think of its the new support system.

    Basically they got rid of feedback and you now can submit support tickets in game. They are also stopping email support.
  19. Hope your all doing well. Haven't seen you on in ages 