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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hazzernater, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. I'm not taking it personally but I'm not having you hit others for posting what they want. You'll be seeing me just as much bud 
  2. I hope you're aware that you're using completely useless reasoning Vane?

    You claim that simply because the OP hasn't got hundreds of words that makes it an unworthy thread. Some threads don't need hundreds of words, in fact, being concise is a very important part of many threads.

    Why take 1000 words to write what could be done in 100?

    This is a continuation of a previous thread, one that has had zero complaints on these forums apart from yours.

    You do not need to farm or 1v1 anyone. This is your choice and you have to deal with those consequences ️
  3. Agree with potter
  4. Eh.. You funded someone and someone got stripped... I forget the details.

    So I went to my money man, who you know ONLY as SugarDaddyMarine, and no other name, and was like, "ermmm I need money."

    He was like... "Again Daphnia?"

    And I was like... "Don't be stingy."

    So he went to Hazz and was like... "Bro it's gunna happen."

    Hazz was all like... "K brah."

    It's less fun when that happens. -.-

    Another totally faithful narration, and insider glance at top-secret FC strip council.
  5. Is that when I bought akinatoh?
  6. Vane, what do you know about quality threads?
  7. Good point moody but I'm on a goal here and it bother me I don't why it concerns you that I'm doing a 1v1 I not asking for him to be piled on were close level and it a one vs one what wrong with that.
  8. This guy's goals in life are perfect  Dunno guess you picked a fight with wrong guy?
  9. Omg!! Yes!!! That's the one.

    Anyway, Vane, there is something important you should know.

    Everything in/out or indirectly/directly related to FC is my fault.

    So I guess you should farm me as well, because ...

  10. Vane, you can't forget that actually we're an established forum base already ;) we know our etiquette and we know what works.

    Some of us are quite the forum expert so if you wanna have a go about forums and threads then really you should fight me because...
  11. It was just banter
  12. Yeah I had no idea I funded a strip vane you're now super popular!
  13. Lol moody please look at forum again it trash very few people make good threads these days.II'm not asking for a perfect thread just threads were op put in some effort. And for you hazzy tf you will be striped within 48hours. But like I said it a million time don't take it personal.It just a 1v1 this is how the game suppose to be played.
  14. I don't have allies, how can I be stripped?
  15. Don't think this game is 1v1's@War son. Check again
  16. Omg hahahhahahha this is going to be even easier then I thought. You striped your self this is a first time I ever seen this. Trust me jazzy your going to want to keep this a 1v1 calling is the worst thing you can do.
  17. I didn't strip myself  Oh my god this guy
  18. I've not told anyone to hit you, they just think you're a massive prick. You started this and you're getting the repercussions of it, think before you act