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  1. Lあなたは死神の愛のりんごを知っていますか?
    The apples are a fruit. Fruits are yummy. You know what else likes apples? Shinigami. The Shinigami are mythical Gods of Death in Japanese culture. But, are they truly mythical? The answer is no.
    I have a Shinigami. His name is Korodo.
    When I post an apple on your wall, that means he took one of your apples.
    Did I mention that he can find where you live through a computer or phone?
    That's how he's taking your apples.
    You can't see him, as you haven't touched the Notebook.
    So you never know when he will take your apples.
    He doesn't know who you are.
    But he will find you.
    And he will steal your apples.
  2. i like death note too
  3. are you on drugs
  4. ...a little bit lol 

    FB 4adp 
  5. 死の神はあなたのリンゴを取っています
  6. I agree op
  7. what ever your smoking pass me some
  8. He's smoking cabbage leave's, you still want some?
  9. you scrub lol
  10. He's taking apples from everyone
  11. Lol
  12. Death note was good but without real names it's completely harmless. Good to know you were plotting my demise. Here I thought I finally made a friend...guess tomorrow is a new day a new try for friends.
  13. He will always hunt for your apples
  14. Is OP a weeaboo?
  15. Weeaboo confirmed
  16. Op is obsessed with Death Note.

    Wait till he figures out how to make his voice sound like L with some sound editor program.
  17. But I like my apples