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  1. No support. Terrible. No flow, couldn't get interested. Zero attempt to even try to hide the fact this was solely aimed at one person.

    Ashes- take my advice. You aint a poet and never will be.

    If you wanna make threads in a desperate attempt to seek the forum limelight, dont make it so obvious.

    Makes me wonder if ya weren't on the other 'caine writing this.

    **EDIT** Fyi- Poetry doesn't need weird corny gifs. If you're poem can't earn praise on it's own merit... a few gifs that make no sense aren't gonna save it.

    >TS Eliot is rollin over in his grave as we speak ;/

  2. Confession - i have Kawcaine fever. " roni, i bet you think this song is about you ? Dont you ??! You're soo vain " !!

  3. *drops mic*
  4. Damn why you gota be so negative man? #AshesForVK
  5. BFA looking large
    And then u got harbed

  6. #AshesForRetirement

  8. Look man,

    Don't be jealous. Ashes has earned a spot amongst the forum greats and will be forever recognized as a legendary forumer even if he quit tomorrow. You won't gain anything from trying to lower his standing.

    And honestly, what is the point of making a thread of not to seek the forum limelight?
  9. Hello, my name is SirAydenOfFoxes and I am addict.

  10. Please stop posting on forums.

  11. With sugar on top.

    Great thread, Ashes! Created laughter from Shiny. Well done.
  12. Pander, pander, pander

    cringe, cringe, cringe

    Like being recognised in a forum even means anything.