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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. oh okay they removed them.
    so actually i m at max plunder nd haven't changed my builds for weeks now, but tyvm my friend :)
  2. What is my kaw name? :?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Lol that thing is creepy
  5. Why does it seem like the entire forums is bent on disbanning my clan?

    You guys complain about "Too many failing clans", yet you're the ones causing them to fail.


    And I honestly don't expect anything but trolls from this question.

    Trolls welcome.

  6. Huh? Since when did you get a clan? And duh it's going to fail
  7. Just don't give it to anyone. Ever.
  8. @ Char

    This is not a thread to promote your clan. The question your asking has no handbook answer.

    I hadn't heard about anyone trying to ruin your clan, but as this is a war game, fight back. Good luck.
  9. How many hits does it take to unleash chongo_hombre?

    The world will never know!
  10. Because a bunch of bored internet raised teenagers play this game and dont have anything better to do.
  11. Chongo isn't even the strongest person in the game. Moron. :|
  12. 0.o I know that retard...

    Redstar is,DUH
  13. haha neither of them are probably very strong
  14. Wow.

    Chongo is rated #1 overall in the game. It just depends on how you define "strongest".

    He is not #1 in ally strength or overall wins....but he's likely too big for any of you to hit.
  15. Willy

    I'm talking about if chongo were to 1v1 redstar, redstar would have more successful actions.
  16. Where were you talking about that?

    The way I see it is Redstar is statically 1 plus million stronger in the attack department stat-wise.

    But Chongo has a stronger BFA.

    That would be interesting.
  17. What does google bot do?
  18. Your Bta doesn't matter when you're that high up.

    Even though we don't know exactly where his bfa is stacked, it's safe to say that Redstar's static stats from his allies would overpower anyone in KaW.
  19. in EE wars does a pure spy appear as attck dtw? or can they get hit if gold is out?