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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. No it doesn't reset.
  2. Pretty sure you misunderstood. I never heard the timer had reset
  3. Ok, lol my bad... :? I probably somehow misinterpreted it when it said timer resets when you win a war. 
  4. I juse read finished reading this thread i know all.
  5. No.

    You lose an EE level when you leave your clan.
  6. Can pro players be deleted from game after inactivity?
  7. Anyones account can be deleted if inactive for too long. If a player with a pro-pack comes back on and makes another account, they will still have their pro-pack
  8. Pro pack accounts are not reset b
  9. anyone with a pro pack aren't deleted.
  10. Why doesn't that work? I put the [/img] at the end.
  11. i downloaded the android app of KaW on my phone...if i transfer or link it to my facebook account...will i be able to play it on my phone?????
  12. You should be able to.
  13. Last attempt just so I'm not spamming...

  14. i m scared if it doesn't work
  15. Linking it to a FB account just lets you play it both online and on your phone. As long as your FB account isn't already linked to a different KaW account, everything should be fine.
  16. Is Moose still a mod?