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  1. whens the next mi- oh wait. im not as noobish as that!
  2. That's not a question...
  3. How are new players supposed to learn about forums when y'all act like Richards to them causing them to rebel and cause more problems because they really don't care.
    Gaining new players is tough enough with Devs helping the big get bigger each update, and causing forum grief doesn't help.
  4. Because half the time, we tell them to do things like: stop posting spam on forums, and the like, but they don't listen to us and they continue. Resorting to farming and trolling them then seems the best way to get the message into their skulls
  5. Exactly. I post questions and they just always get locked. And people get on it and just call me names.
  6. I don't really feel like playing this game now cause the people are jerks.
  7. Well... Don't make 1 sentence threads.

    Problem solved

    P.S. I'm not usually a mean person but you do have 3 threads in AT, 4 threads locked in the past 8 hours and are silenced for violating TOU.

    So just a suggestion, don't make crap threads
  8. Hints

    Were can you find all the info on ebs and a better way to make the billions you need to get anywhere.
  9. Try the strategy section of forums. That'll help you find any info you need on ebs.
  10. As for making billions keep upgrading dont forget to destroy your lower level buildings for higher leveled ones and upgrade them to lvl 3 as soon as possible.

    You can find more thourough info on buildings on the strategy and help forums
  11. Go to the Strategy section of forums, there is a guide for ebs,land,etc.
  12. Hi if anyone can say weather changing 6SOS into guilds would increase plunder? I have volaries also but regardin LL the 6 spy buildings I have are maxed SOS, would plunder be affected a little or a lot? Thanks in advance.
  13. Your hit plunder will likely increase but overall decrease.
  14. You would be weakening yourself. As Senorita said...your overall plunder will drop, but also, you are going backwards. The more damage you inflict to EB's affects your plunder. But why anyone would want to tear down their build to suit EB plunder makes me laugh. Grow, my friend! Grow dammit!
  15. I recieved my shield and already had the silver plates. Which one should be used generally or are they each better for specific situations? Thanks
  16. The shield and silver plates go into different slots of equipment, so have a look at your equipment page first. Theyre used for different situations, look at the bonuses they give you.
  17. Sorry. Viradecent shield and quicksilver plates in same spot. Also, i noticed u have the hystericide helmet over the stalwart? And do the minus stats take away from u...or opponent? Thanks for the patients.
  18. Minus stats take away from your stats. You can only have one equip for each slot. The second equip shows you how your stats go if you change equips
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