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    Johnboy, please use these questions for wc, thnx
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    Bumping a sticky guide is wrong?
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    Na, I just like calling u a noob
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    Ah <3:)
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    Crazy no because sometimes you need to bump them for player.
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    He's right
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    Ok.... Please this is a question guide
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    @Albi- I did at first. but it was merged with Moose's thread where he didn't use them.
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    What exactly should my stats be to finish the last quest
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    You CAN finish the last quest without high stats, but you're more likely to complete it with higher attack. I completed all the quests with only about 200k attack, but the success rate was terrible. There's no point where you are guaranteed to succeed, but the higher your attack is, the higher your chance of success.
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    Where's kaw going...
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    About 600k attack should get you verry difficult or difficult.
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    What's the cost of lvl 2 castle?

    (for the newbs, I know what it is)
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    4 bill $ must have lc at a stage.
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    It's stated elsewhere, don't need it here for the newbs/noobs though. :s
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    If you know the answer to a question, don't ask it. Newbs don't need to answer questions on your whim.
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    DILLYBAR's Thread.....

    What is the maxed attack stats you can have including the banner and all pro packs that affect it?