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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Threads that are deleted cause players post counts to decline. The exception is with threads that go to the gy. They auto delete after 7 days but player post count stays in tact.
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    You guys are spamming the forum...


    Don't cry 
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    I was on wc last night. Lurking, more or less. I saw the silence bomb. Are you saying Benny did it?

    And who deleted Dilly's thread? Benny, as well?
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    I have a legit question, what is the range for dtw and dts, is it 50% above and below?
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    Benny did engage in a silence bomb. :-(. I don't know who deleted Dillys thread, and I don't enjoy engaging in idle speculation. I'll leave that to you. ;-)
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    @Jim 20% or below is DTW
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    It's a possibility. Or it could have just been an accident.

    Doesn't really matter though. We got our thread back :)
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    I believe it's 20% below for DTW, and maybe 70 % for dts? May want another answer though
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    Moose, you're kinda cool when you're not moving RPs to FF.

    Now, Miss Melon - I understand you aren't friends with Hestia. You say this is because of Moss. Why?
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    This...got...stickied :lol: congratz
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    ^i k r hard thread to make
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    Huh? What are you talking about?

    And I don't think that's relevant to this thread. PM me if it's to do with personal issues.
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    Great job mm Congratz on the sticky
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    MM's thread wasn't stickied, it was merged with a stickied thread and she had made this before the other one was made.
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    Oh okay, keep it on the SHH. The Secret Hush Hush.
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    Oh I c lol
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    Thank you very much Charles
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    Damn... My count got reset. Oh well, now I have to post another 3000 times -_-"

    Why did you merge the threads, by the way? Now I look stupid.