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    Official replacement

    Your allowed to have one account per IDevice but only one account on computer.
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    No I support missmelon's
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    Strategy, I was just checking that. I hit 10k a month or two ago, so I'd estimate that I had about 10,300- 10,500 yesterday. Now I have 9,500 or so.
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    Is there gonna be a new moderator since Benny left?!Im pissed off with all the stupid threads and Q and A,earning respect and go for moderator,and all the "Can I be a moderator/Who's getting the moderator."
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    When dillybar made his/her(idk) thread he/she was not a mod yet so I don't think the mods have to have their official thread

    Thanks, bob 
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    They don't "have" to, but having a mod make it makes it more official seeing that none of the others have the hundreds/thousands of posts to show that they're reliable and respected.
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    @Mikan there will probably be a new one soon
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    I guess my thread wasn't good enough? Lol.

    Delete it then.

    Exactly what boost in stats does a level 3 SoS give?
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    Someone sounds bitter
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    Someone didn't read the "Lol"
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    Just don't want multiple versions of the thread floating around :)
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    Posting. Just 'cause.

    Also, a real question, what's my post count?
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    There really aren't any "number of moderator slots" per say, so to speak of a replacement for benny is not really accurate. Mods are brought on board as the need arises.
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    80 posts.
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    Do you really lose posts if you posted on a thread that is deleted? :?
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