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    By questing. You have a .73 chance of a nob dropping every time you complete a quest.
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    % **
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    Oh yea .73% sorry missed the percent sign. Thanks Charles
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    I admit that it has been a long time since I have been on KaW, approximately 8 months (just a guess) but one thing I have noticed is the clan bonus to members. I was wondering if this bonus can be improved, and if so how? Thanks

    As soon as I get more up to date on the new game mechanics, I will hopefully be back to answering questions in the forum. A pity dilly's thread got lost... Oh well, I'm sure this is a good replacement :)
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    What do you mean by improved? Is it not good enough do you think?
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    I just don't know anything about it, to be honest. I was just wondering whether the stronger clans had a bigger stat bonus %, and would like to know more about the new game mechanics, that's all
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    It is based on EBs (sadly). The more EBs a clan has finished the bigger their bonus. So strength does have a day in it.

    Each tier of EBs has achievements. When you first complete and EB you get a bonus from it. All the bonuses from all the EBs equals 10% for every category. The harder EBs each give a big percentage bonus and the lower ones give small percentages. You can look at these achievements/bonuses on the clan page of every clan.
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    Ok thanks. That helped a lot
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    Np. I do think they should change it, it's stupid because it's basically the "who can do bigger EBs" bonus. They should add a bonus for wars or something.
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    Yes, sending screenshots is always a help too
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    K thank you.
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    How do you get ranked?
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    You need to have huge stats, a huge BFA (bonus for allies, basically a few tril in allies), lots of battle wins, and plenty of spy actions too.
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    How do u use the crystals to get ur army back 2 full strength sorry jst started playin this.
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    Go to Marketplace-> Oracle-> use crystal
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    By going into the oracle tab in the marketplace
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    You press on the marketplace tab on the bottom strip of your screen. At the top of the screen you press on "the Oracle" and then press "Use Crystal" and it uses one crystal to fully replenish your troops and spies.
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    It's fine. That is a typical noob question.