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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I have a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to answer.

    1) Is the max number of event items based on your max plunder? As some larger accounts get 1k+ items from noth/goth but smaller accounts get very little.

    2) What goes into determining the gold you receive for getting the gem on goth? Many say you are supposed to get 2t from it but smaller accounts don’t get that full amount.

    3) Is gold rewarded after an eb based on total damage dealt or the number of actions performed?
  2. 1. I don't believe max items is hardcapped based on any given stat, though small accs have a very difficult time reaching the universal cap from stronger ebs. Item drops are tied to some combination of these factors, though without deliberate testing I can't accurately assert which is most significant: strength (not sure if it would be tied more to kingdom stats or amount of damage done or a combination, or if it's simply tied to plunder), number of actions (confirmed by devs to be a significant factor), and net plunder. There is also an element of randomness in final drop quantity, period. Small accounts therefore struggle to get high drops from strong ebs presumably because they generate less plunder. Damage dealt or strength may factor in, but that would be testable using charms and fixed-damage ebs, if you want to confirm. Remember that spy actions contribute to final plunder, as do items.

    2. Items count as hits and plunder is based on kingdom characteristics. Small accounts get less from the gem, bigger accounts more. I get ~5t from the gem, but got ~1.5t when I was smaller. 2t used to be a good ballpark estimate before average stats jumped again and charms enabled smalls to hit goth sooner.

    3. Gold rewarded is based on plunder generated. Obviously attacks generate plunder, but so do spy actions (not just steals - and the lower in your bar the hit, the less plunder that action generates), as well as items (diminishing returns with each item hit - your first item is worth more than your 20th). Hitting items ONLY will not give any gold from an eb, due to a mechanics change from a couple years ago.
  3. Hey hey! I was wondering if we still get speakers after x amount of time. I have yet to see mine fill. Thanks! :)
  4. Thanks to support for answering the Q! New accounts gotta wait till they at least 3 days old :)
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  5. What can I get if I purchase the war starter pack? How worth it is it if I’m not into warring
  6. You get the items shown in the pack, and then every day at that time slot you get an offer for a different war pack. Purchasing the starter war pack only unlocks other random war packs, so if you don't war, you aren't missing out.
  7. Hi im new here need someone to give me a little game knowledge.