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  1. Ahh, thank you, I stand corrected. I thought access to that had been removed
  2. The reason why I asked is because, I thought of suggesting to stop counting the posts from activities section. It is because, sometimes the activities only needs one (not so useful, but fun) sentence. Do you think it's worth it?..
  3. Mods... Sorry for my non-ending questions but but..

    Can I bump a thread in activities by continuing the game?.. I saw this, um, kinda negative but that's how the game works game.. And I found it funny but then.. The thread was made in 2016 and the last post was 2017.. (But it's still in the first page!)

    Or, should I just make a new thread about it?..
  4. How do you hyperlink another thread in this forum format?..
  5. I usually open forums on my mobile browser, copy the desired link, and just paste it in. I haven't figured out an in-game way to copy thread links personally.
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  6. What does YAFI stand for?
  7. We already have a bigger paid EB in HTR for a while now. When will we have another free EB bigger than NOTH?
  8. Are there specific ebs thatvdrop steel of defender mats? These forums are really revamped from years back I can’t find my way around really please help
  9. Looking at the clan “yafi”’s description, it stands for “You Ask For It”
  10. How to throw ads in WC for clan EB ending.
  11. Press and hold the send button until it changes to "preview." Type in your ad (how close to end the eb is, min cs etc). Press preview, then send.
  12. Why can't I contact support using the ape icon in lower left corner of home screen
  13. Is there a reason I am no longer her receiving Azure Soul drops? It has been over 2 weeks since I’ve gotten a drop and I hit Noth and goth on rotation. I even went hopping for a few days. Hit over 40 Noth in that time and didn’t receive a single drops. I’ve been at 59 for over 3 weeks now. Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. I regularly go weeks without seeing azure soul drops. They're unfortunately not very common drops. You can always scroll through eb history and see if anyone is getting them in those clans, I don't have any soul drops in my nf right now but I've seen them drop in the past two weeks so they certainly aren't gone.
  15. Thanks for the incite. I have never gone this long without seeing one. I have been checking EB history and I haven’t seen one there either which is weird
  16. I'm not one for paranoia, but I also haven't had a soul drop since this post 🤔 and I had been stuck at 51 souls for an uncertain amount of time before then, too.
  17. I'm stuck at 80 for 3 months. They're either not dropping or devs reduced drop frequency a crazy amount
  18. Can confirm they are dropping again . Hadn’t seen one for months but quite a few dropped last Noth
  19. [​IMG]
    I don't understand lol fastest response ever to say no thanks for nothing