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  1. Hi Guys,
    I was just reading that we could get banned if we do something really wrong, I'm just curious if I got a permanent ban, and I don't know why I got it, is there anyway to have it lifted so I could keep playing this wonderful game. Thanks

    PS I'm not planning on getting banned just would love to know if there's a procedure should the worst ever happen, thanks👉🏼👈🏼
  2. So, I’m not sure if this information is still relevant because i just recently came back into the game, but when I was more active, if you ever had an issue like that, you would email support (I don’t even remember the address anymore). But I’ll ask a mod to come to the thread for an official answer for you!
  3. Thank you, so much for that, I appreciate it.
  4. There’s a quest in one of the legends that says a certain item drops from two parties... which parties are those? How do people know it’s those two specific parties?
  5. I think it means epic battles. Some epic battles drop the first item, and the rest drop the second item, which in turn combines to form one item.
    Players simply remember which one drops which after they complete the epic battles..

    Also, can I experiment the forums here? I cannot find my old post in the bbcodes, and, I want to play with these new ui :)
    Nvm I already did lol

    Edit: What sites do you recommended for attaching pictures here in forums? I learned that photobucket isn't free anymore lol.. And I'm currently considering imgur. Is it a good site to use? Or do you recommend other sites?..
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  6. How do you know the prices of royal chests? How much does the value change after a new event?..
  7. Prices are market-determined. Royals are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. Current royals are *usually* worth more than old ones, because current furni is generally worth more than random old furni.
  8. So, there's no solid prices for it?.. Thanks for answering though
  9. Also.. How old should the thread be before it is unallowed to bump? A mod once locked a thread when I necrobumped it in my younger years lol..
  10. What is the Warriors commander starter pack? Can someone wall me
  11. Does your title in forums (well known member, new member etc.) based on your post count?..
  12. Yes
  13. So post count farm can still exist?..
  14. I mean. Definitely aim for quality of quantity. That’s coming from someone at the top of this forum count list. I believe making random poorly made comments just to get your count up can count as spam which isn’t allowed.
  15. I mean, users can't see post counts, so there isn't really a point (nor was there ever, at that). You get the "well known member" after less than 100 posts, and afaik that's the "highest" title you can get. The post titles don't indicate much in new forums.
  16. Tyvm for the answers ✨

    Also, bumping this:
  17. Necrobumping is still generally discouraged. If a thread bumped is still relevant, and/or is bumped via novel discussion, it will typically be allowed to continue. Don't bump ancient threads with zero bearing on today by just posting "bump," please--bumps for the sake of bumps will be removed.
  18. Do you mean, if someone replied regarding the topic?

    Back in my first year in kaw I was bored and looked for threads, even older ones. So, nooby me replied to two of the threads normally because, "noob", which turned out to be very old and was closed because of it. Are the mods much more open to old threads nowadays as long as they reply a relevant opinion/reply in such threads?..
  19. To your first point, yes.

    There is a lot less to clutter up in active topics these days. I will reiterate that bumping old threads is discouraged. I will also offer the observation that, if you go through the last month of active topics, a reasonable proportion of them were not posted recently.
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  20. I mean. Incorrect. I can easily see I’m still in the top 10. But yea I still have the title of well known, even tho I have way more than the 100. Like. Significantly more than 10x as many. You just have to click the 3 bars on the top left of forums home page, then click the bottom link labeled “members” for the leaderboard. I wanna beat Toast. 😘