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    They will be back. Just be patient. Save tokens and mass upgrade when they return. There is no time frame as yet.
  2. Can I get TheChiefChimp unbanned been 5days no explanation no Reason and no support from any Devs? Bit of a joke considering I spent time and money on this game like everyone else only to be punished for your mistake.find it weak I still haven't heard back from you
  3. Is it best to complete lands such as abyss before spending trader tokens on Deep Mine? Or is it best to focus on DM as it gives better stats .

  4. Its faster to explore the lands and build till next set opens. Build till the amount of gold equals or exceeds prev lands.
  6. So it's silly for me to spend 26t in the deepmine for 1 land when I only have 12 lands in abyss ??
  7. Shame the Devs don't look at or care enough about us to look at these messages
  8. Devs look at forums more often than you'd realise. They've based new ideas off suggestions in the forums before and they have altered things in the past to be better for the game e.g. event mechanics
  9. Im curious, what happened to iG?
  10. Somehow some lb players... Acquired it and renamed it house baern (clan silph is in)
  11. How to apply to be a mod ? I want to apply plz help
  12. what level is furn maxed at? my swords at lv 11 and now can be upgraded to 12 same with other furns ...
  13. Devs are making some changes, it'll probably go up to 15, best to just keep an eye out for updates

  14. Thank you
  15. A friend keeps getting the data failed integrity check when he trys to load he done all the normal things uninstall reinstall cleared cache restarted his phone can anyone help with this
  16. Trader tokens

    Why cant I use my trader tokens???
  17. Re: Trader tokens

    You can if you're on the most recent version of Android or iOS. Pc can't use them anymore. What device are you on?
  18. what is the highest ally slot can you buy? are there any restrictions?
  19. The number of allies you can own at any one time is listed on your Allies tab, I think that's your question? Price is theoretically unlimited, check lb for highest prices at any given time
  20. What does the trading of charms mean. Ex: 9.5b max