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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Caster said specifically you need to have 1000 main items done to get side legends this event, if that helps.
  2. What does the lamp of destiney do
  3. Increases clan eb plunder and for future reference go to the marketplace click buy and then click the icon of any item to view what it does
  4. Can a pc user check when I got my 150 days active achievement please and thank you
  5. What ARE the top 10 pets right now?
    I need a list, and can find nothing
  6. How to get reconnaissance? Asked everywhere but nobody responds
  7. noth or goth just look at peoples eb history for the telescope
  8. when can real ee wars be done with clans again not crappy LL wars
  10. instead of arkosa, can we have snoop dogg?

  11. Do unequipped furns count as charms
  12. Not that I'm aware of nor have we been told that was the case. I'm going to say no but I'll double check and get back if there is anything saying otherwise. Assume no change if I don't say anything else
  13. Roughly what CS do I have to be to be top 10k overall? I know other factors play in besides CS...
  14. My alt is about 2bcs attack heavy build, with minimal allies, under 100k successful attacks. Ranked around 8800.
  15. Do devs still auto reset inactives
  16. What are the stats and troops for Fatesands Lvl9-10 attack, lvl10 balanced, and lvl7-10 def? Thanks, trying to complete the build calc
  17. Did my forum get invisible locked by devs or hacked?????????
  18. Say your cs is 15 billon and eb is smoke signals but you cs was ten million yet every attack is around 200 why does damage stays the same
  19. Is the War Commander Starter Pack a Pro Pack? As in, if purchased, will it give a non-pro player a Pro design on their banner?