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  1. How do I log out of this account
  2. On the upper left hand side of your screen, there should be a gear icon. Click it, then navigate to the account options by using the account button. Then you should have an option to disconnect your device from you account. If you haven’t linked your account to ATA or Facebook, your account won’t be recoverable though.
  3. New permanent eb

    When is the new PERMANANT EB going to open?
  4. New permanent eb

    When is the new PERMANANT EB going to open?
  5. What do sound of horns do?
  6. How much is the flaming rune bolas worth from the new chest?
  7. Y is people seling trinkets in wc?

    Whats ol that stuff in marketplace?
  8. If I am talking during war why u devs given me ss.Very lazy game n bad feedback from u debs I'm quitting this game.Bye bye cya.Keep urself screwed.
  9. What is a generals key?
  10. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=186111
  11. Opens a general's chest, which can be rewarded from wars, or traded for. The chests can contain exclusive eq and ug material for the eq.
  12. Is the war between the zaft and the thingy still alive?
  13. Why is Mei still a mod?
  14. I have a lot of miscellaneous tokens, medallions, etc that were collected to upgrade equipment in various events. Is there an index with the events and items dropped? Or would I need to search the item to find it's corresponding event?
  15. I'm not sure but wondering as well dont see them around anymore....been off a good while
  16. On latest event I woz not given a team colour???
  17. You are on team broadsword (blue). Attack the player "teambroadsword" before the end of event today to donate your astral favors.
  18. What triggers the EASY/MEDIUM/HARD legend? I'm seeing some people received that the day after the event started, yet I just got that choice to appear this morning.
  19. No zaft disbanded ages ago
  20. You need to have collected the right number of main legend items to open the side quests. Usually the first 2 steps in f the main legend does it I think.