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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Will devs start giving out nobs in the future ?
  2. Are you even active anymore?

  3. No
  4. Most likely, no.
  5. It is a rule to don’t speak Spanish on the wc?
  6. No, but all normal rules (e.g. bypassing, spam) are still in effect regardless of the language used.
  7. How do I make a post become a clan ad?
  8. Long press the send button in the wc, it’ll turn into preview , then whatever u post will appear as clan ad. It only works for wc though.
  9. in the kingdom and allies war equipment/charms arent factored in right?
  10. viewtopic.php?f=26&t=185726
  11. Why is Mei still around?
  12. Because she's a good mod
  13. Nice Joke!!
  14. Does anyone know the return on using the 100,000,000 item on GotH? (Tinker gem).
  15. General figure I observe is 300-600b extra plunder drop.
  16. Brilliant. Thank you, Thrawn.
  17. Are you able to sell your clan? Or give money?

  18. That would be a negatory good buddy :)
    Not in the general sense anyway.
    Like, you cant get a refund for your clan.

    You can however, negotiate with another player to sell your clan to them for an agreed upon value in gold, charms, seals, furnishings or what have you.

    As for gifting gold to another account.
    unfortunatly you cant.
    You can buy allies off them to give them gold through those means.
    But thats pretty much it :)

    hope that helps ;)
  19. What happened to getting deep mine crest plates, were we just getting a preview or what's the deal?! Or have just not reached a high enough legend?! ;)
  20. Exactly. Pay up suckas!