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  1. I have no idea as of now of when the next banner event will be. Although I am pretty sure I saw only more Legends Event, most recently the Warding of Coalfell.

    And welcome to the forums,
    Yuki_Sohma! Glad to have you on board among the many players, with me included!
  2. What's the point with the idols? I have more than 10 on a few idols and I was told you can upgrade them. So far nothing to upgrade and is it really necessary to keep or I can trade them.
  3. Idols are just fillers for the chests. When you collect 10 of each in the set (there are 4 in each set, 2 sets total) they'll combine into a bigger idol. Their stats are low but they aren't meant to be big stat items.
    Aside from that, they don't do anything, so you can trade them all you want.
  4. What’s the going rate for left room walls? Thank you
  5. Usually 2-5m depending on how new it is and how much the buyer wants it.
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  7. Re: transmuting on Android. st hQuestions Here

    How do you transmute equipment on android?
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    Go to mage, swipe from right to left on the text box below where it shows your amount of aqua/inferno. Tap a piece of eq from the resulting screen, then tap and hold the round button. They're sorted by recency.
  10. New eb is temporary and was announced here. Choccy posted a guide here.

    For your other issues, please send in a support ticket. Players on this thread won't be able to help you with that.
  11. Long story short, I'm back from an almost 3 year hiatus and I want to get into indi wars again. Back in 2015, I had the system down, and I was a well-known wc/tracker in my tier. Now, I don't quite know where to start, and I can't find a schedule post for the new lowland indi wars in forums.

    So really I have a few questions:

    1. Where can I find a schedule for the new indi wars?
    2. Are the mechanics of these wars the same as the old EE wars? (Knockout for 5 minutes, 1 xtal per war)
    3. What is the build meta for these wars? (To my understanding only lowland buildings matter)
  12. If i buy an ally with attack stats of 10,000,000/10,000,000 and spy stats of 10,000,000/10,000,000, how much do those stats affect my kingdom?
  13. 2% . 200k each to be precise
  14. What happens when u dismantle lvl2 furniture? Do you get equal pieces to what u used to upgrade or do you get same amount as you’d get from lvl1?Thank you
  15. Pretty sure you get the items back
  16. You get the same number of unique ug items as it took to ug it (plus one extra set of 9, to account for the fact that it took the original lv1 to make the lv2). However, you do not get the red/yellow/blues back.
  17. Is there a character limit when posting a thread on forums?!
  18. It's still 100k characters I believe.
  19. Are tri -gem chests tradeable? Thank you
  20. Nope, sadly!