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  1. Are there any "standard" prices for furnishings?
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    I have same question as above.
  3. It’s a sellers market. Wc sets price. So watch the price and buy low.
  4. Why do most war builds have high troops and towers but very low spies? For example some stats i see are 200m/300m/40m/200m or something?
  5. I have a question, how do you determine max plunder allies needed like how much you need in allies, and also how come some huge players have such small stats, like leaderboarders not even close to build complete. “Blossom” comes to mind, they’re #200 on ally and like 700mcs I think I saw. Why?
  6. Which EB drops the most steel arrows
  7. What happen to my silver bars ???
  8. How do you trade seals?
  9. I’m back on this game after not playing very much over the last few years. So I’m really confused about all the stuff going on in world chat about people buying, trading, and selling certain things. Could anyone explain this to me and get me up to date on anything else I’ve missed?
  11. Overall LB is calculated with BFA and successful attacks, assassinations etc.

    prime example of this was in the early days; #1 on overall LB had 400/200/150/150 stats and such a massive BFA he just stayed #1
  12. Equipment can be converted into charms, charms can be traded between players. Furnishings are similar to equipment, it can be upgraded, displayed and traded.
  13. NK gives 2350 of both every time,
    LotL and GotH give around 1300 of their respective items
  14. I was just wondering if I could post on this thread  (forums are not working atm for me)
  15. Is any of this considered “necrobumping”? :)
  16. I don’t think that applies to pinned, and active threads titled “post questions here” 
  17. When will the next All Star War occur?
  18. And when will the next banner event be? Many players who returned in the past months (me included) have never had such an event before.
  19. I have no idea as of now of when the next banner event will be. Although I am pretty sure I saw only more Legends Event, most recently the Warding of Coalfell.

    And welcome to the forums,
    Yuki_Sohma! Glad to have you on board among the many players, with me included!
  20. What's the point with the idols? I have more than 10 on a few idols and I was told you can upgrade them. So far nothing to upgrade and is it really necessary to keep or I can trade them.