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  1. Some never win at 11% using the Tinker. I win often. Strange.
  2. How much are current event chests worth?
  3. why aren't there daily quests? like attack a player above a certain mcs, complete a certain eb, do so many actions in a day.
  4. also why are there no spy quests. it could be a pretty cool storyline too.
  6. Do unequipped furnishings work as charms?
  7. Since athena wont help, what is the osmon rai glitch
  8. I'm not sure what you're on about but empyrean lair level 1 gives 3 attacks on the 1st regen instead of 2 if that helps.
  9. And another question... Which equip is the most efficient one to buy to turn mith into charms. Like stats per mith
  10. Level 2 vainglory bracers
  11. Event eb list for items ro combine

    ][/b] questions you may have here :D where do you find the event! eb list

    Hey Eagle... Look at how good a one sentence thread can be ;). Good thing it wasn't locked[/quote]
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  13. Who has the most amount of quests completed? I rmemeber stumbling upon an account that was extremely towered and had like 500k quests completed
  14. how do yall sell seals?
  15. One seal usually sells for around 130-170mcs in charms. :)
  16. Where do the seals go tho?
  17. You can't directly trade a seal, it's more of a trust trade. You go to a clan of their choice and seal then they give you the agreed price or they give you the agreed price first and then you seal.
  18. I just unlocked deepmine lands, can anyone tell me why the lvl 1 attack building has been given like double the stats of the def/balanced counterparts? When att buildings provide more defense then the defense buildings something is wrong