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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Seems like box drops r even worse than ever games getting boring 1 maybe two more events then I'm done
  2. My drops from boxes today have been better than they were all last event. Luck of the draw, unfortunately
  3. 1) what's gifting? When's it coming?
    2) Can devs do something about drop rarity from boxes, as in furnishing hardly drops anymore, what with all the idols and aqua and inferno. Even wallpapers are increased in rarity, like what???
  4. Deepmine

    When do we start getting plates for deepmine to help do builds
  5. Re: Deepmine

    There are no current plans for deepmine tokens last we all heard.
  6. do people with higher cs get more event drops from ebs?
  7. Yes
  8. thanks
  9. do charms and furnishing have the same effect on cs?
  10. yes, they both count equally to your bonusses. Although im not sure as to wether it gets counted as BFE for lowland war bonusses.
  11. When are new lands coming ?
  12. Unknown time frame. Unless a dev answers this the answer wont be gospel
  13. Re:charms how so you make your old equipment into charms
  14. Go to Mage and swipe right to the transmute screen
  15. Go to the mage and swipe from right to left. On iOS, anywhere is fine. On droid, must be on the textbox about elements (for most versions).
  16. How do you collect events and do everything on Android
  17. The question isn't "What's gifting"

    The correct question is "Who's gifting?"
  18. Does equipping more than one piece of the scrag EQ make any difference to the rate you clear the special bars? Eg mesmeric ring and bloodless helm on bar in TS
  19. No, it's enough with one of the equipment pieces. Having more than one won't increase the damage you do on the bars.