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  1. Proof of conversation?
  2. I have a ss but don't know how to load it to forums...
  3. Can someone help the lad out? ^
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  6. Thanks Avatar
  7. Having tried this I think I should have licked an apple. All that I get is a sore tongue. 5 years of licking.
  8. How much gold/tokens does it take to bc lowlands
  9. About 7x24=168b
  10. Any idea what the point of the facades are since their stats are 0?
  11. How do we get this banner?
  12. Decor banners they look pretty.

    They are obtainable through the dullahan box available via the “Ride of the Dullahan” epic battle.
  13. Do you get a shattered sword from just one inactive war? Or multiple?
  14. Bring inactive in one war can give you the shattered sword.
  15. What Ebs drop the steel of monarch banner upgrade material?
  16. Should be able to find out in Chocolate's eb guide.
  17. So could I use report player button to report inactive allies? And if so what % of gold will I be refunded?
  18. Well no, developers eventually clear accounts if they’ve been inactive with no sign of life, usually the accounts which have had no spends on them otherwise you may be holding onto them until another player buys them.
  19. The report button is only for reporting people who are breaking the tou. Please do not use the button to report an inactive ally. Devs have stopped resetting inactive accounts in an attempt to keep a consistent amount of allies in the market.
  20. What cs should I be before attempting to hit lotl?