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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. There is now pax
  2. Check again it's there
  3. Is there anyone on a Kindle fire having trouble transmuting their Equipment to their Showcase. Are am I the only one could you tell me how you do it please thanks.
  4. Certainly go to the mage. Above the buy aqua and inferno buttons swipe left in the box that says The mage can enchant equipment with elemental magic of aqua and inferno.
  5. What is the bfe to cs conversion numbers? I want to see how much cs my equips ate actually adding
  6. Thanks grizzly
  7. Don't know don't care gimme your shield
  8. If you want to convert to CS divide by 50. Just remember that every stat in the game uses raw stats except the stats on your profile.
  9. ok sure how
  10. Lol you have to transmute it and then trade it in pm with me but don't do it keep it I'm only messing.
  11. How many event items do you get for doing indy wars or do you only get victory tokens ? Trying to hit 40k goal
  12. I am trying to find the event post about " The siege of Svathmar" i REALLY dont think i am over looking it. Are devs not posting a page about it in the events page? are they no longer doing that anymore? ( sorry just got back from a kaw vacation for a few months, almost year)
  13. You get a maximum of 600 victory tokens and event items for a win and a maximum of 300 for a loss.
  14. I didn't see one sorry

  15. Thanks for double checking, where are the posts though. I hope they didn't replace forum posting with that legends feature.
  16. Why can't we just have numbers that are useful to us, numbers that don't have to be used in a formula to make sense
  17. Well this way it’s showing is raw power, raw power also has spells, pots, equipment and showcase items so it showing as raw power can be useful in a sort of sense
  18. Been out of Kaw for a while. Keep seeing posts about trading items and Markets. Cant seem to find anything about how it works. Could someone explain or provide a link to post that does explain?

  19. I submitted ideas to ATA yesterday concerning new non premium EB's. They responded that there is a non premium EB with this event, one just needs to figure out how to open it. Has anyone heard of this "free" EB?