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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I think theres only 1?
  2. Reward claim

    I received a message that I must claim my reward for being in top 50 of bloody crown legend event, it shows blue on my screen but there are no button to claim and it doesn't reflect on my profile that I received it automatically?
  3. Re: Reward claim

    Tap the blue banner
  4. Rewards

    Why is no one answering?
  5. Support won't even talk to me, good luck with that
  6. If a player transmutes the Witch-Hunter leg greaves into a charm after purchase in the Witch's Event, will they be able to purchase a new duplicate leg greaves from the Marketplace?
  7. I don't think we could transmute the equipment yet, probably only after event. So we can't get multiple of the greaves
  8. Nope tried already can't transmute
  9. Anyone else experiencing long load times on iOS? Taking up to a minute or so to load the app used to be 10-15 seconds
  10. Yes
  11. Yes
  12. Yes, probably because of older iOS? Anyone on iOS 11 can confirm?
  13. Ravens boxes

    Everytime i click on one in my showcase kaw stops. Please help me solve this problem
  14. Re: Ravens boxes

    Better to send in a help ticket
  15. Re: Ravens boxes

    I've talked to many people who have had this issue. Uninstall and reinstall the game. It's worked for everyone I've suggested this to so hopefully it'll work for you too.
  16. does anyone know how to access the free chest i got? I am on PC and cant find my inventory anywhere
  17. Not available on pc you need to go on a device
  18. So I just went to sell some silver bars and now on idevice you have to tap the screen for each one you want to sell, eg; 500 taps for 500 bars, 20000 taps for 20000 bars. Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is? Please reinstall the slider bar there's a good dev
  19. Just tap on the number and fill in how much u wanna sell
  20. Why no leaderboard for bloody crowns this week? Am I missing something?