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  1. Yes, you'll notice the "permanent items" bonus (that includes BFE) is including your bonuses from charms. Additionally, equipment charm percentage varies, it's not 1% for every piece - most of the event equipment seems to be 10% of the equipment bonus in charm form.
  2. is there any way to claim the prizes from the event on a pc account?

  3. Ty Mei
  4. & Ty Shadow Hammer
  5. What is the spell where there is a broken sword inside the red circle
  6. Broken Sword, you get it from being absolutely terrible at EE. Mostly from being inactive.
  7. When do daily sales for xtals/nobs etc happen? It seems like the first time you log in that day, but im not getting it
  8. i solved it by downloading an android emulator, in case anyone has the same problem.
  9. How do crux/battle cry impact plunder when it comes to eb payout?

    for example, if there is a crux or battle cry running while i hit an item phase on nk, will the payout include the plunder boost from crux/bc even if it runs out by end of eb?
  10. Yes

    Crux and battle cry only boost plunder for actions you do when they're activated
  11. why are there many inactive accounts on value leaderboard? why they volly them so high? :?: :?:
  12. To transfer gold.
  13. Can anyone explain (preferably in detail ) what an Ffa war clan is?
  14. FFA war clan has no war commander or tracker and they just do whatever they do to get the minimum of 60 successful actions including defensive wins for max event drops of up to (300) things

    When ffa war clans match eachother they try to win so they will formulate some strategy

    When they match a serious clan they might make a deal to get their actions guaranteed by the other side in exchange for losing on purpose

    I think that explains it
  15. Perfect, thanks!
  16. What does the tinker gem item do?
  17. At 10%mb on goth, an item phase appears. It is optional and is completed by one item use, the tinker gem. Hitting that one item gives about 300b bonus plunder.
  18. 1) How do you get the zta ring?

    2) Is it worth being a small build but having insane amounts of bfe/bfa in indi war? How does it help you? Won't you still be places in a bracket that accounts for your bfe/bfa?

    3) Has anyone calculated the average drop rate of a SoD from warbeasts?
  19. 1)idk
    2)it is called smurf..but no..theres enuf
    3)yea its approx 1drop in about 3mil wbs
  20. Grim... 1) From opening an Aaltar of brand 2) Yes, but your strength is constant I.e it doesn't matter your troop levels and 3) not enough to care