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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Visual bug on Android, they are stacking server side.
  2. Is there a legend for past 100 attacks on opponents I still haven't got the next level, been waiting a day
  3. There will presumably be another challenge in about a half an hour at noon PST (steals maybe?). The only way to get more crowns until then (and after you finish today's upcoming challenge) is to opt in and hit other opted in players like the previous PvP events.
  4. I've heard that it's best to build towers on the abyss and Osman Rai lands, is this true? Wouldn't this also cause a significant drop in plunder? I've also heard that the hoarfrost lands are relatively useless and therefore towers should be built there. Overall, which is the best land to build towers in?
  5. Building towers on lands 1-3 is a bad idea as these reduce your plunder. Lands 4-6 towers won't generate plunder but you don't lose any so it's advisable to build towers on these.
  6. Anyone else also got the problem of not being able to sell silver bars??
  7. I can sell silver when I earn it, I've sold my bronze with no problem

    I did not get the most recent patch though
  8. I want to know why I was not allowed the opportunity to buy a key for a full Fates boom chest and a Victor's chest? I tried for days on end and there was no key to buy, it kind of upsets me to the point that I feel like I got messed over in did not get all that was coming to me from the fates boom chest. How do I get that stuff?
  9. Fates boon is a reward from legends that increase in level up to a max level which gives you 25% plunder boost for 7 days.

    The same is true for victors chest which is a reward from PvP legends. This provides a PvP plunder boost.
  10. When I go to upgrade a building I have two options for upgrading, 1 by gold and 2 by a flag thing. What is the flag thing? Shoot me a wall post with answer please.
  11. It's the option to use building tokens.
  12. So in KAW if someone refers his account as a "Whale". What the heck does that implies? Is it a type of build, or a type of strategy?
  13. I'm guessing it means a big account but I'm poker a whale would be a noob so idk what it's really referring to. My guess is high cs
  15. A whale is a big spender.
  16. A whale is not a fish, it's a mammal, it breaths air and requires fresh water to survive

    Since there is no fresh water in the ocean like Dolphins it gets fresh water from the stuff it eats

  17. Why on my profile under the LL war bonuses heading ... does it say
    "0% from +-1,171,724,001 ( 0% at 0) "
    For my attack and defense equipment?
    Clearly this is a glitch?
  18. Legends events

    Just would like to know if the rumours are correct and that is the end of the events or is there going to be another starting? And if there will be another..whens it going to be? Thankyou
  19. Re: Legends events

    You have been lied too.
  20. Nobody is going to know this except the developers sorry send a ticket.