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  1. D.va from overwatch loves me or not.

    answer yes or I will jump from 2 meters
  2. What are some of the main pvp/farming clans out there, apart from I.S.S which arent part of the whole Zaft/Apocalypse shebang?
  3. If anyone good with builds could follow me that'd be wonderful :)
  4. Yoooooo, what are the stats to hit overall lb
  5. Was not on when event ended why have I lost all my rewards what a waste of time
  6. When the next event start?
  7. Are any of my equipment worth upgrading at the Mage ?
  8. not really, they all seem kind of low-tier. save up your material instead
  10. Why can I not change my avitar ?
  11. You can, just takes some work. If you hit Revenge of the Warbeasts, or most other ebs at the end of their series, you'll collect the attack and spy banners, which you can change under your equipment.
  12. Who else uses their fireworks on an eb?
  13. I still have mine.
  14. Hello I sent a comment about my onyx ring I have no visible picture can you please fix it!!!!
  15. Did you try reinstalling the app? Have you kept kaw updated?
  16. Some images have issues loading. Take a screenshot and email it to the devs at support@athinkingape.com so they can take a look at it.
  17. what happens if i accidentally use a seal in a random eb instead of hte will i lose the seal
  18. Why has noone commented on my thread yet :(
  19. yes you lose seal and all your equipment and become an actual e.b. fairy. True story
  20. this moderator is good :)