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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. What is the best eb for a newbie like me?
  2. Haunting: The Escape
  3. Eb i dont have to pay for
  4. The forgotten ones or the reckoning and use plenty of items. After that you should have plenty of gold and you can get a decent ally for ally plunder. Repeat this a few times until you're ready to move to bigger ebs.
  5. Regular haunting. Hit the item phase.
  6. I got rewards from the pvp, when do they show up? 750 stones and 500 Silver bars
  7. Rewards usually take less than 3-5 hours but can take anywhere from 24-48 hours. Although, I've never seen them take that long.
  8. From what you said I am guessing you got 5 documents which actually drops 750 travelstones (like you said) and 50 mithril bars. The rewards should be available soon however they can take up to a day in some cases so be patient. The rewards will be here before the end of the event.
  9. If I disconnect my account from my phone and then log into another acct then try and log back into my other acct will it work?
  10. It will only work a few times and then you get locked out. I advise you avoid disconnecting from your device if you can help it.
  11. PrestonGarvey thinks he got banned for chatting about exploiting that, don't do it if you can.
  12. it will work up to 5x a year or so.
  13. How do you get votive ash?
  14. Votive Ash can be obtained from Icon of Agony, which drops from the epic battle Zelgarad the Accursed (not available at the moment)! :)
  15. I have some atm, but I cannot recall obtaining any icons of agony; has votive ash been rewards for past events as well?
  16. It has not been given out as rewards I past events as u can remember. It might have been given out when ZTA was first released, but I don't know.
  17. What are continental tokens for? 
  18. I just bought a Microsoft windows phone, trying to figure out how to play kaw on it.google play must not be adaptable. Says no device found.
    Please help me stay addicted!!!
  19. whats the ally bonus conversion rate? isnt it like 0.02 times the stat bonus from allies = what you actually get from allies?
  20. What is the best method to transfer gold from my alt to this account? Do I just hire a very tiny Allie and volly till my alt is to poor to hire it back? Or is it better to use a few different allies? Ty for the help!