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  1. Can someone direct me to a thread that explains how allie stat bonuses work. I'm having trouble finding one.
  2. Buy a ally get more plunder I can make a thread saying that if you want?
  3. I'm talking about how their stats effect your stats. If they do at all.
  4. I may be wrong, but I think it's 2%.
  5. Thanks. I guess I'll know for sure if I decide to experiment with it. :)
  6. Yep, KaW Handbook says 2%.

    Well, the handbook actually says 0.02%, however that is absurdly low, and the example they have calculated out to 2%, not 0.02%, so I'm guessing that they made an error.
  7. What are the cavea's for
  9. I got an alt that he is used for warring and he is a GH, i know GH was patched a long time ago but in my defence i did'nt play for a long time.
    anyway my question is to what build shall i change?
    i got 25 LL, 25 HL, 12 HF
    and about 5T of gold :D
  10. Honestly for warring there is no build that is overall better than others however towered builds tend to do better overall. If you want to keep on doing well warring though having high static stats is what you want similar to why gh was so strong.
  11. I have a question I have played for four years and never had to wait this long for rewards on event p vp I have spent over a thousand in cash that they didnt have to wait for so y am I having to wait for 8&1/2 hrs for my rewards and no I have no patients
  12. No "?" means not a proper question. Rhetorical questions best posted in feedback section :roll:
  13. Read the title thread guy "Post Questions Here" let's keep conversations or any other none related stuff to its minimum
  14. Sometimes things take longer than normal, you will get your rewards. Just log off the game and go do something else.
  15. When is the Free nob system going to be fixed, if at all?
  16. I don't believe the devs can fix it since it is not run by them. There is however a petition going around to remove it entirely. It's quite easy to find as it should be on the main page. Hope this helps :)

    Edit: Nevermind.
  17. Yh suptis wrote it
  18. Devs are ignorant, look at the stupid changes they make to the game, don't hold your breath

  19. What if I a swimming under water?