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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah but tomorrow I can't buy any more. I would have bought more keys if I had ever been aware of a time limit

  2. Pretty sure they made it clear enough
  3. Does having more losses put you higher on overall Lb? Cause I'm sub 4k in both price and allies however overall I'm only 6300, and I know I have a small amount of successful atks
  4. The battle lb has an outsized effect on lb ranking in my experience
  5. You're only so low because such low attacks don't think losses would have anything to do with it defense's might. I'm 2827 and I'm not much bigger than you.
  6. Spy actions also play a significant part in lb ranks.

    Also, i do not believe hire value is a factor in any other lb rank than its own individual one.
  7. recieved 2 cruex boxes you took them?

    Received 2crusex boxes then you took them .messed me up Bulldog52
  8. Totally confused about HTE. Where is the optional bar in Ph2?? Stop stuffing around with it. It should either be permanent or gone for good. And announced either way.
  9. Yeh you're right about spy actions maybe hire value Does who really knows lol.
  10. It will be back its just a promo although imo it should be permanent as stats are huge now.
  11. What is the hierarchy of admins and clan ranks and what is each one able to do?
  12. You can see all the clan ranks and what they're able to do on this thread! :)
  13. Hey guys :)

    I was wondering if there is a bonus of being bc at hl, hf?
    Cause becoming bc at those lands isnt't worth it.
  14. There isn't any extra bonus of being BC on HL or HF.
  15. Do clan bonuses count during ASW? WHAT Other bonuses count or don't count?
  16. Where can i find war times? Indi LL etc.
  17. Clan->clan events->view schedule
  18. Thank you so much!
  19. I got this rash from yo momma...ask her what she got
  20. Are there clans that cast pvp spells during pvp events to help everyone reach their goal? Kind of like an HTE clan, but you cast spells as a pass instead. If so, where are they :lol: for future reference