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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hmm so I can still be scout bombed huh :/
    I'm assuming towers won't be that worth it on a hansel then
  2. I'm not entirely sure and could be wrong, but I think SDT is more for protection against successful spies, but won't prevent small loss of units.
  3. Towers dont stop loss, just reduce it.
  4. Are you still allowed 1 PC account and 1 mobile account?
  5. Yes. One account per device has been regulated for years, I believe.
  6. Just wanted to make sure it's still the same before i go make another account
  7. Where would be better to build towers? abyss or rayman lands?
  8. Good question.
  9. Possible to enable to create clan / player name with chinese and other language ? Since chinese character able to type in
  10. Not possible i guess.
  11. When is the next event, and could there possibly be more pvp events?
  12. No set date for the next event and we won't know whether there will be any purely PvP events until the devs announce it. I would like to say that the chances are we can assume the next event will be soon (2-3 days at most) and that we can expect more PvP in the future but it's not certain.
  13. I hope we have more pvp events those are fun. But instead of just mithril why not add silver bars in with the rewards? That would get a lot of people playing haha
  14. Do % bonuses apply before or after your "attack bonus to allies" when determining your own attack? 48% is quite a big difference to not know
  15. % bonuses are scaling, as troops/spies are used they lower, they leave a static number viewable as it would be difficult to scale the numbers up and down as you use your bars
  16. I'm pretty sure they don't scale off bfa
  17. No they don't. Only BFE and pro packs are % based
  18. I've been thinking of converting my LL from hansel to tank, so would like some tips with regards to build(for war)
    Are TL better than CoE etc
    Edit: 12/5/1/6
  19. So whenever my friend tried to hit and eb or person she sometimes gets a "cannot connect to server" error and I'm wondering if there some solution to this problem because it constantly interrupts her when she plays Kaw.

    P.s. She has an android lg G3
  20. I've been noticing this happening to players more often. My only suggestion is to restart the app, or flush the DNS on your wifi connection (but I understand this is a bit difficult for the technologically impared :p)