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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Why do i make 60 million more per hit on ACC than lotl?
  2. Just cuz
  3. Nah, just joking.... It might be because it's a br? Not too sure.
  4. it is that way since those ebs have +50% plunder. Though the base att plunder is higher, the total pay out seems to be lower
  5. FYI I have tested this out once again this promo where there were no % increases to either eb and I was correct in the ~33% increase over hte. This is for someone who is a large build remember so I guess smaller builds could have different increases.
  6. What the **** happened to this game????
  7. Can't you tell when someone is trolling, Kezzer? Jesus Christ..
  8. I can but there are always newbies coming to this thread and when you're new it's easy to be confused by misinformation so I try to keep the info in this thread as accurate as possible.
  9. Blah blah blah!

    Just add a p.s at the end of your post and say you know I'm trolling lel
  10. That or leave your trolling to other threads that won't harm the newbies of the community :p
  11. When I last played there were three ranks in a clan: Member, admin and owner

    Can someone explain what has changed? Little bit confused.
  12. We have new ranks! Look in past announcements section, look for "new clan roles" thread. Sorry don't have a link :)
  13. Looking for big family clan to join. Any suggestions? Super active and willing to contribute
  14. Just ask in World Chat, more efficient and quicker response imo.
  15. Thank you :D
  16. Meh bunch of noob clans in wc
  17. Do speakers regen for iOS?
  18. Speakers regen for all mobile device platforms.
  19. 5 a day until you get 25.
  20. My hooves of destruction disappeared what do I do ?