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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Reset your app bruh.
  2. Hi! It's been a couple years since I left, and I just wanted to know what's gone on while I left. I left right after the ig civil war, more specifically after -WiG- joined WAR. Like what happened to Zaft, is ig still a thing, what happened to chongo hombre and redstar, has Warriors of the Ancient Realms been in any wars, and what has been the biggest strip? Sorry if it's a lot to ask, I'm just curious about what's been going on
  3. iG is still around, stalk "Jesus" or "Swabia" profiles and you'll find new main. Say you're iG legacy and you might get in.

    Redstar changed name to "loveucella" and supposedly left game.

    I think chogo went to monster garage, not sure if active.

    Dont know warriors of the ancient realms

    Strips matter little nowadays but I hear it was Harb.
  4. Well, it's weird seeing how things have changed. Thanks for replying
  5. Teja was the largest strip of around 1.3Q I believe.

    Edit: changed T to Q oops xD
  6. Was more than 1.3t ;)
  7. 1.3t? think you're a lillllll off xD
  8. It was upwards of 2.8QD. Quite far off 1.7t
  9. I think he was joking :3
  10. Sorry meant 1.3Q
  11. Anyone who is an expert with builds please follow me I'd rather pm you than spam this thread thanks!
  12. Off topc but anyone else have metro pcs service down?
  13. when u will release NEW EPIC? : the NEW LAND (; ty

  14. when u will release NEW EPIC? : the NEW LAND (; ty

  15. Will I still get crests if I do the next war?
  16. Re: when u will release NEW EPIC? : the NEW LAND (; ty

    Why would you quote this twice?
  17. I don't think so but might be wrong
  18. You won't get Royal Crests if the war ends after the event ends.
  19. Ty lol. I didn't realise there was only 2 hours left, thought there was more
  20. no thanks for me? :(