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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Approx 140m with a coe lvl 3 in my tests
  2. Ss requires around 105m attack if I remember correctly.
  3. How about aff?
  4. 140 was for aff, sorry
  5. Banner

  6. How much money do I need in allies?
  7. It depends on your size. For you, I'd try to stick with around 3-5b
  8. Does anybody know the amount of money needed to buy 10k of each pot? Or any number above 1k
  9. 10k of each pot including bronze bars (not silver) is 2.4 tril
  10. Thanks!
  11. Amount of unloads needed to receive max amount of items from an eb?
  12. How does one volley transfer
  13. depends on eb, for hte it's 2
  14. Check AT for chocolates drop thread
  15. Hire an ally between two accounts. The donor account keeps the ally.
  16. My heads under water but I'm.breathing fine, mods give their all to me, they my end and my beginning, cards on the table, both showing salt?
  17. ^ you ruined it
  18. ^salty lol
  19. Please keep this thread for kaw related questions. If you have issues with the mod team either talk to them or take it up with support.