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  1. Re: what this stat for?

    Max plunder bonus to allies (stat below your hire price) ..what does it do in this game? Never saw an explanation of its purpose or function
  2. Re: what this stat for?

    It's the most bonus plunder someone else can get from hiring you. :)
  3. I'm pretty sure he knew
  4. What should a hansel build consist of?
  5. 3 attack buildings, and the rest spies? Also - Towers with high BFA ofcourse

  6. The correct answer is 1 attack building, stable preferably, and the rest are spy buildings.. That is a true hansel.. A Pure spy is all spy buildings. Anything else, is a hybrid.. Towers are a waste unless you plan on warring all the time, and only warring..

    Soooo yeah
  7. Quoting so I dont forget anything...

    Yes a traditional hansel HAD 1 troop building and stable was a good choice but that changed overtime and depending on the person.

    Towers are also useful in pvp but for straight growth, towers are pointless and hinder more than help.
  8. Does the new clan titles mean we can't swap onwers ?
  9. A hansel is any build with only 25% or less of Cs not including towers being attack buildings.
  10. No, why would it? Read community's post again carefully, assuming you read it at all.
  11. What's the GDP of all of KaW?
  12. How are we supposed to know
  13. What builds are used in ll wars?
  14. All sorts of builds! But ps1 are hybrids seem to be most popular
  15. I have seen build calc sheets on the forums, but if one would create an application/program to calculate it, and post it on the forums, would that be against the rules?
  16. Because you're here
  17. I upgraded my Abyss spy building from lv 9 to 10 and dropped 5m plunder, why is that so? o.o

  18. Not as much as you are
  19. How long do I have to hold an ally before I can drop for 100% refund