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  1. Agree with that sorry leave level 4 total waste 
  2. What happened to the reset button?
  3. Why doesn't my "Seal of the Damned" open this Revenge of the Warbeasts?

    I've used atleast 4 of them.
  4. It was removed ;)
  5. Boobs can't ROTWB or HTE
  6. How scandalous!  Is it not possible to manually reset anymore?
  7. Not that I know of^

    I suggest emailing support@athinkingape.com

    To inquire.

    Use format...

    Description of issue:
  8. Here's an example
    Username: Kingdoms_at_war_king
    Game: KaW
    Description of issue Sasuke_Uchiha should be banned just cause
  9. Why am I not in the LB?
  10. Because your too good
  11. You're still unranked? This simply means you're still too small to get on the LB, or you grew massively overnight and it hasn't updated yet.

    Likely the former. The lb can only hold so many people. I believe 5000? You aren't top 5000 yet.
  12. 10000 he doesn't have enough wins and stats to be ranked.
  13. It took me till 34mcs spies to get ranked on overall with 100k battle wins and mp allies
  14. Any mod i can report someone to wall me please
  15. Im going to rebuild my lowlands for war, is there a consensus on what the best build is or good builds? Last time I warred was the first estoc wars. Currently just have guilds and one cursed foundry.

  16. I've heard the best is a towered hansel with a CoE.

    As in 1-2 CoEs, 4 or more towers of each, and the rest SOS.

    Personally, I'm running a balance build. 8 attack buildings, 8 SOS, and 4 towers of each. I've had decent success with it. It gives me the flexibility to hit pretty much anyone with success.

  17. 11 COE, 4 SOS, 6 SDT, 3 ADT

    tanky hybrid
  18. what stats does the sword in starter pack have?